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"Unlock Joy: Festive Delights Await at Dreadlocks Society! 🎉✨"

Dear Friends,

As 2023 draws to a close, we at the Dreadlocks Society are bubbling with excitement as we wrap up this incredible year with a burst of energy and celebration! 🌟✨

Embrace the Festivities:

To kick off the merriment, we're thrilled to announce an exclusive year-end treat just for you! 🎁🛍️ Enjoy an exhilarating 20% OFF across all our store-wide products until December 25th! Simply use the code XMAS23 at checkout and indulge in pampering your locks with our exquisite range. This festive season, give your dreadlocks the love and care they deserve. 🎄💫

Dreadlock Competition:

The buzz doesn't end there! Our much-anticipated Dreadlock Competition is still in full swing, and the excitement is palpable. Show off your unique dreadlocks for a chance to win! The competition closes on December 25th, and it's time for the community to have their say. Share your photo in our dreadcomp feed (HERE) and submit your application (HERE): Let your dreadlocks tell your story! 🏆🌟

Once again congratulations to our previous winner

Celebrating New Connections:

In the spirit of celebration, we're ecstatic to congratulate our newest influencer who's joined our vibrant community! Discover her journey and vibrant spirit by visiting her social handle HERE

Welcome aboard to our ever-growing family! 🌟❤️

Additionally, we're delighted to welcome our latest stockist who's now proudly stocking our unique range of products at her salon. Swing by her salon to experience our range firsthand! Her handle is HERE 🛍️🌟

Join the Celebration and Grow with Us:

Exciting news! You can now apply to become part of our growing family as a stockist, influencer, or ambassador! Whether you're passionate about our products, dreadlocks, or spreading positivity, we invite you to join our journey. Apply to become a stockist or an influencer by reaching out to us at:

And that's not all! We've released our new affiliate program this year, designed to help you grow while earning money. Celebrate the gorgeous Australian-made natural dread products that we are incredibly proud of. Join our affiliate program and be a part of our mission to spread love and positivity. Reach out to us or visit HERE for more details on the affiliate program!

Let's Continue this Journey Together:

We invite each one of you to join us in this joyous celebration! Capture the essence of the season with our incredible discounts, participate in our competition, and explore the opportunities to become part of our vibrant community. Let's continue this amazing journey together, sharing love, positivity, and the beauty of dreadlocks! 🎉🌟

Wishing you all a merry and festive end to 2023!


With love and excitement,

The Dreadlocks Society Team


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