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 We're excited to share that we've received your payment! 

Now, let's dive into the next exciting step: showcasing your DreadArtist Salon on our stockist page and directory.


With access granted, you now have the freedom to provide the necessary information to highlight your salon's unique offerings.

Inside this platform, you'll discover a wealth of resources carefully crafted to fuel the growth of your salon and drive sales. From captivating images to compelling product descriptions and marketing materials, these assets are your secret weapon in attracting and engaging customers.

This is your chance to shine independently. Share your story, provide essential details, and let your creativity flow as you contribute to our stockist page and directory.

Thank you for choosing to partner with us in this endeavour. Your participation is invaluable, and we're excited to see the impact your DreadArtist Salon will make in our network. 

Keep an eye out for your email for your next step.


Let's make waves together!

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