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Welcome to the Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Are you passionate about dreadlocks and want to be a part of something extraordinary? At Dreadlocks Society, we're inviting influential individuals like you, with an active following of 25K plus on social media, to join our influencer program and become a valuable member of our community.


If you're excited about promoting our exceptional dreadcare products and spreading the love for dreadlocks worldwide, this is your chance to shine! Here's how you can apply:

1. Express Your Interest: Simply let us know that you're interested in becoming a Dreadlocks Society influencer by filling out our application form.

2. Unbox and Share: Selected influencers will receive a complimentary pack of our valued products worth $116. Share your unboxing experience first

impressions, and excitement in an unboxing video.

3. Showcase Our Products: Create 10 captivating videos or photos, each focusing on promoting and educating our dreadcare products. Show your audience how they work and highlight their benefits in a creative and engaging way.  Training and education material is provided.

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4. Connect with Your Audience: Conduct live sessions or create videos that demonstrate how our products contribute to the health and maintenance of your dreadlocks. Answer questions from your followers and build a strong connection with your community.

5. Be Authentic: We value authenticity above all else. Express your genuine opinions and thoughts about our products. Your honesty and transparency will resonate with your audience and strengthen our collaboration.

6. Monthly Collaboration: Following the initial 10 posts, should you authentically resonate with our products, you'll have the opportunity to extend our collaboration through a paid affiliation program. Details regarding this option will be explored upon your registration and expression of interest.

7. Engage with Our Community: Engage with our community and followers by responding to comments and fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere.

8. Share Your Love for Dreadlocks: Showcase your passion and love for dreadlocks, inspiring others to embrace their natural hair journey and the joy of being part of the Dreadlocks Society.

9. Embrace Creativity: Feel free to get creative with your content! Explore different formats, styles, and themes that resonate with your unique brand and your audience.

10. Stay in Close Contact: We value open communication, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions, ideas, or anything you'd like to discuss.

We're thrilled to invite you, as an influential individual with an active following of 25K plus on social media, to apply to our influencer program and potentially become a key member of the Dreadlocks Society family. Your creativity, passion, and dedication can help us spread the love for dreadlocks and our outstanding products worldwide. Join us on this incredible journey! 💜🌿

Ready to apply? Fill out the application form now and take your first step toward becoming a Dreadlocks Society influencer.

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Influencer Registration
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