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We value community, science and exclusivity. 

Stock for the best locs here.

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Dreadlocks are an art and a lifestyle. Dread wearers are proud of their manes and love to have them feeling their best. Dreadlocks Society gets it. You can get it too.

Give your customers the ultimate loctician experience and have them coming back again and again.

Whether you’re a salon or home based loctician or an online supplier, you can access our scientifically researched, exclusive formula.

Simply fill out your details below to apply for wholesale access. 

Once we’ve reviewed your application and approved, you will have access to exclusive content, pricing, product images and branding.

*If you are just getting started online and your website isn’t yet live, please email us screenshots of your unpublished website or any links that can help.

*If your shop or salon isn’t open yet, please email us your any information about your salon/store.

*If your brand spanking new in the business world, without a website or store/salon, unfortunately we can’t approve your wholesale access. Please pop back here when you are in the startup phase.

One love, one heart and lots of locs. Let's come together and feel alright.

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I would like to be a Dreadlock Society Stockist.

It's easy to get access and to order your stock online with us.

1. Fill out and submit the form below.

2. If you are not already a Site Member, please go to the login bar in the top right hand corner and create an account. You get to set your own password. You must do this so that we can give you access to the Wholesale Shop, once we have approved your application.

3. Once we have approved your account, we will let you know via email and you can then login with the Site Member account you created and go directly to the Wholesale Shop.

4. If you forget your password at any time, you can simply reset it.

We can't wait to welcome you to the Dreadlocks Community!

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Become A Stockist 

Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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