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Happy Mothers Day

 Mothers Day Special

 Exciting Announcement Alert!

We're thrilled to unveil our 2-Day Mother's Day Special Limited Edition Package, specially curated for all the dreadheads out there!

Introducing our exclusive package featuring a lineup of goodies that will make any dread journey even more incredible!

What's Included:

  • Luxurious Shampoo and Conditioning Bars

  • Locking Spray for that perfect hold

  • Gorgeous Detox to keep your locks fresh

  • Soaking Basin for a spa-like experience

And that's not all!  To make this offer even more irresistible, we're adding a special touch:

  • Three different fragrances to choose from

  • Devin Deadlock Digital Coloring Book

  • Deadlock Diary to document your journey

 Why Choose Us?

  • Australian Botanicals

  • Certified Organic Ingredients

  • Plant-Based Hair Care

  • No Nasty Chemicals

  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free

We understand how precious and transformative the dreadlock journey is, which is why we've included a diary/journal for you to capture every moment and milestone.  And our coloring book? It's a beautiful reminder to pause, relax, and nurture yourself amidst the journey.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gift yourself or your beloved mother with something truly special!  But hurry, this offer ends in just two days on 06-05-24!

Available in Character Fragrances: Omni, The Warrior or Earth Child

Embrace the journey, celebrate the love, and pamper those locks with our exclusive Mother's Day Special!

DreadLock Treatment Hub

Embrace Luxury and Pampering with Our Exclusive Dreadlock Treatments in Highbury, Adelaide

From our hearts to yours, we welcome you to experience the epitome of luxury and self-care at our treatment hub nestled in the serene Highbury of Adelaide, SA. At our sanctuary, we understand the unique needs of your precious dreadlocks, and we're dedicated to pampering them with utmost care and attention. Step into a world of tranquility and rejuvenation as we unveil our exceptional treatments crafted to revitalise and nourish both your locks and your spirit.

Special Offer Alert: 2 for 1 Treatments for the Next 10 Guests!

As a token of our appreciation, we're thrilled to extend a special offer to the next 10 guests: enjoy our Deluxe Dreadlock Treatment with a loved one for the price of one. It's an opportunity to share the gift of self-care and relaxation with someone dear to you while indulging in our premium services.

Discover the Ultimate Indulgence: Deluxe Dreadlock Treatment

Our Deluxe Dreadlock Treatment is more than just a salon visit; it's a holistic journey designed to nurture your dreadlocks and elevate your well-being. Imagine immersing yourself in the warmth of our infrared sauna, followed by a detox soak that cleanses and purifies your scalp and locks. With expert hands and premium products, we shampoo, condition, and pamper your dreadlocks, leaving them revitalized and vibrant. A blissful scalp massage and meticulous palm rolling complete this two-hour experience, leaving you feeling rejuvenated from head to soul.

Experience Pure Bliss: Pamper Dreadlock Treatment

For those seeking a shorter yet equally indulgent escape, our Pamper Dreadlock Treatment is the perfect choice. Delight in a detox soak, nourishing shampoo, scalp massage, and palm rolling—all carefully curated to refresh and rejuvenate your dreadlocks in just 90 minutes. Let the stresses of the day melt away as you immerse yourself in this tranquil oasis of care and pampering.

Elevate Your Well-Being: Ambiance Dreadlock Treatment

Short on time but craving a touch of luxury? Our Ambiance Dreadlock Treatment offers a condensed yet effective session to replenish and strengthen your dreadlocks. With a detox soak, nourishing shampoo, and conditioning, this one-hour experience is a blissful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Unwind and Rejuvenate: Serenity Deluxe Treatment

In a rush but still yearning for that revitalizing touch? Our Serenity Deluxe Treatment is tailored for those seeking a quick yet impactful pampering session. With a detox soak, gentle cleansing, and drying, this half-hour ritual leaves your dreadlocks feeling refreshed and your spirit uplifted.

Give Your Dreads the Love They Deserve

At our treatment hub in Highbury, Adelaide, we're passionate about providing exceptional care for your dreadlocks while nurturing your overall well-being. Whether you opt for our Deluxe, Pamper, Ambiance, or Serenity treatment, rest assured that you'll leave feeling renewed, refreshed, and ready to embrace life with confidence and vitality.

Book Your Appointment Today

Don't miss out on this opportunity to treat yourself—or someone special—to a pampering experience like no other. Contact us today to reserve your spot and embark on a journey of luxury, relaxation, and self-love. Your dreadlocks deserve the very best, and at our Highbury sanctuary, we're here to deliver just that. From our hearts to yours, let's make every moment a celebration of beauty, wellness, and joy.



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