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Shampoo Bar - Omni

Shampoo Bar - Omni

Wholesome and detoxifying, the nutrient rich shampoo bar is an indulgent, nourishing treat for your locs. We’ve sourced ingredients and scents good enough to eat. But this isn’t a serving suggestion.

Dreadlocks Society has exclusive rights to a recipe that is researched and tested with stellar results.


All essential oils and ingredients are intentional, ethical and Australian made and sourced.

Creamy yet calming Saponified coconut oil, Kakadu plum extract, olive oil, sesame oil, pumpkin seed oil, cocoa butter, are sensitive to your scalp and lightweight on your locs.


Resolute in our reputation for organic, vegan friendly blends will have you confident in the quality. It’s the core of Dreadlocks Society beliefs.


Our shampoo bar is a lush, buttery, velvety bar of frothy goodness. Trust us when we say your locs with love a lathering. Pop it in your cart today.





Awakening and spirit lifting, the fresh fragrance of our Omni blend is cooler than the ocean breeze on your cheeks. But on your dreads. 

Purifying and repairing Lemongrass, Eucalyptus Peppermint, Lime, Lemon Myrtle will soothe inflammation, nourish your scalp and leave your locs soft and smooth.

Omni is a calming, citrusy, refreshing feeling in a pot. Do yourself a favour and lather it on your locs today.  


  • How To Use

    Wet dreads and scalp thoroughly. Wet block and rub between hands to create a soapy liquid. Disperse this through the roots of locks concentrating on the scalp. Massage in with fingertips for a minute or 2 and rinse thoroughly. Ensure to rinse dreads, squeezing the water through until the water coming out is clean.

    Ensure locks are well dried and avoid tying back or sleeping until locks are fully dry.

    Just like each dread, each Shampoo bar is unique. You won’t find them to be the same cookie cutter shape or colour. Rest assured though, they will be a minimum of 80gm and created with the same quality ingredients and formula.

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