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Lock My Dreads - The Warrior

Lock My Dreads - The Warrior

Magic for your locs in a 250ml bottle. It’s like there’s a genie in there. 


All ingredients are scientifically tested so each formula is fortified with organic Australian botanicals and essential oils. 


Dreadlocks Society only chooses socially conscious sourcing for ingredients that purify and remove dirt without using sulfates or chemicals.


Staunchly organic and vegan friendly, our ingredients will leave your mind at ease that only the best will do. It’s what Dreadlocks Society stands for. 




The Warrior

Grounded, earthy goodness, our Warrior blend is enriching and refreshing, like a walk in a dense, quiet rainforest. But for your dreads. 


Nourishing and soothing oils such as Cinnamon Bark, Lavender Bulgaria, Juniper Berry, Wild Orange balance the PH levels for maximum moisture without heavy residue.


The Warrior’s formula will have your locs basking like rays of warm sunlight streaming through forest tree leaves. 




  • Ingredients

    Aqua, pink Himalayan salt ( sodium chloride), sodium bicarbonate, with hazel extract, lemon aspen extract essential oil blends

  • How To Use

    Best results are when you spray this magic all over your locks, avoid direct spraying on your scalp though. Used after washing and before palm rolling, heck even in between for a sweet smelling boost.  

    Let your locs free until completely dry. If you can, skip tying them back or sleeping on them until dry to avoid pesky mould issues.

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