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Detox My Dreads - The Warrior

Detox My Dreads - The Warrior

The beach party has ended, the 4 day eco village gathering is over, the camping trip has packed up. 

We get there’s times when the toxins build up, the oils are getting heavy and a full detox is in order. It’s that time for self care...or loc care in this case. 


Here’s your answer in 450gms of detoxing, hydrating, cleansing powder. 


Using only ethically sourced ingredients that strip your dreads of dirt while restoring natural oils, Detox My Locs won’t take out the good stuff though, your dreads will feel more nourished than a bowl of granola.


Science based formulas with organic and vegan friendly ingredients, we’ve ticked all the boxes. It’s the Dreadlocks Society standard.




The Warrior

Grounded, earthy goodness, our Warrior blend is enriching and refreshing, like a walk in a dense, quiet rainforest. But for your dreads. 


Nourishing and soothing oils such as Cinnamon Bark, Lavender Bulgaria, Juniper Berry, Wild Orange balance the PH levels for maximum moisture without heavy residue.


The Warrior’s formula will have your locs basking like rays of warm sunlight streaming through forest tree leaves. 



  • Ingredients

    Bicarbonate soda, pink himalayan salt, citric acid , coconut oil, witch hazel extract essential oil blends.

  • How To Use

    Find a sink or bowl big enough to fully immerse your dreads. Add 1/4 of a cup scoop and soak for at least 10-20 minutes. Rinse well and let your locs free until completely dry. 

    Also, to double up the benefits, one full cup in a bathtub is as a whole body soak. Our ingredients are skin safe. If you can, skip tying them back or sleeping on them until dry to avoid pesky mould issues.

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